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Áo quan xuất khẩu / We export coffins

Ngày 25/10/2018


- We export coffins.

- We produce coffins as per your orders of samples and sizes.


                           Hope to receive your long term cooperation.                                                                              

                           Please contact us:


                                                HADUC LOGISTICS CO., LTD

No. A314 Pham Huy Street - Quan Bau  Ward - Vinh City - Nghe An Province - Viet Nam

Phone: +84.942.822.777 - 972.256.996 - 369.488.779

Email: alberthiep.haduc@gmail.com ; office.haduc@gmail.com

Website: haducinfo.com   Skype: albert.hiep1

   (Mr Albert Hiep)