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Vietnam's Software Processing Service is developing

Ngày 13/5/2013

VIETRADE - Vietnam is among the 25 most attractive countries for software processing. In the US, Hungary and especially Japan, the reputation of Vietnamese software companies is earning notice, gaining on Chinese, Indian and Korean companies, the only ones ahead of it.

In Vietnam, about 85% of the software companies' income comes from export. Vietnam has 750 software processing companies with 35,000 engineers and technicians. Many Vietnamese enterprises have been granted international certificates (CMM) for their software development; especially notable are FPT and PSV, two enterprises achieving the highest CMM – CMM5.

Vietnam's software processing is making significant progress with 50% growth in recent years. Export value was US$ 250 million in 2008 (40% of the sector's total revenue). Estimations are that software processing will achieve high growth and will be attaining export value of 300-400 million US$ in 2010.

Vietnam's software industry has maintained rapid annual growth rate of 30-50% during the past 10 years. Revenue of the software industry in 2009 was US$ 1.6 billion, including US$ 700 million for digital content services. Software production alone accounts for US$ 857 million, 17 times higher than it was in 2000.

Vietnamese companies are increasing their expenditure on IT services to improve their competitiveness. As a result, spending on IT in Vietnam is increasing tremendously. Most software solutions marketed in Vietnam come from overseas, with Vietnamese software companies focusing on very specific niches (accounting, mobile solutions, Customer Relationship Management – CRM...) and on IT services to foreign software vendors.